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15 May Cost of a Website

How much should a website a cost?

So you have finally decided to start your own business. Next step build a website for your business. So how much should you really pay to get a website built?

Once you begin your hunt for the freelancer or professional, you are going to get bombarded with interesting numbers. Some will offer you sites for $200 while others for thousands. But as the old saying goes “you get what you pay for”.

Below is a typical breakdown of web site development:

Under $1,000: These websites will typically have one person designing and developing. They come with very little, if any, custom design and no real strategic input.

$1,000-$2,500: For this price, you should expect strategic insight, as well as some input on information architecture and social media marketing.

$2,500-$5,000: This is really the sweet spot for most small businesses. You’ll get comprehensive and thoughtful input on the design of the website. Also, the design and functionality will truly support your business goals and critical social media integration.

$5,000+: Generally, this price range is dictated by larger websites (100+ pages) and/or e-commerce functionality, both of which require a larger time investment from both a design and development perspective.

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